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Environmental Protection Overview

The Environmental Protection (ENVP) program is ideal for students wanting careers in areas which safeguard the quality of the environment.

The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree in Environmental Protection is one of the six undergraduate fields of study offered within the Division of Plant and Soil Sciences. The curriculum consists of two elements: interdisciplinary training in a broad array of environmental protection sciences, and a specialization in either pest management or soil and water conservation. Students work with their advisor to select courses from the specialization electives that match their individual interests and career goals. Recent graduates in this option are employed by municipal, state, and federal governmental agencies; consulting firms, especially those specializing in land reclamation, water quality, or pest management; and companies associated with natural resource industries.

Minors can be combined with major fields to broaden or further focus the student’s academic studies. In the Environmental Protection minor, students can study more about the science and techniques which are applied to safeguard the quality of the environment with emphasis on water, soil and crop protection.